Zenia Fotopoulou

Latin, Ballroom, Oriental & Fitness Instructor
Ζένια Φωτοπούλου δασκάλα Latin στη Danzza

Zenia Fotopoulou dealt with the rhythm gymnastics and championship in the city of Petroupolis at the age of 5 and 9 taking part the Athens club competition matches won the third place.


At the age of 19 and while studying in England Economic, worked on the piece of dance by taking lessons on Latin and oriental dances. Upon her return to Greece, she addressed especially to the Latin dance, not just attending a dance school to get the teacher’s diploma, but as well in the sport  aspect of Latin dance.


In 2004 she participated for the first time in the National Dance Sport Championships along with today's partner and collaborator George Agathocleous taking the second place.


Since 2005 she is working as a Latin and oriental dance teacher, while from 2006 until today as a couple are involved in internationally renowned competitions in England, the Czech Republic, Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, France, Romania.

At the same time, however, because the knowledge of dance does not stop, pursuing their training and expertise in Latin American dances, are taking seminars and private lessons abroad with the best of  the kind teachers such as Tonia Kosovitch, Jason Roditis, Colin James, Hans Galke, Bianca Schreiber, Lene Mikkelsen James, Ute Streicher.


From 2007 to today she is an active member of Danzza Dance Studio always teaching Latin and oriental dances, waiting for you to master dancing under her instructions !!!