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Ηλίας Iliev | Δάσκαλος Hip Hop | Σχολή Χορού Danzza Πετρούπολη
Ilia Iliev

Ilias Iliev aka "Icer", born in Bulgaria and raised in Greece is a street dancer and teacher specialised in popping and hip hop.

As an ex member of "Afrosoul" and "Music Box" he has been working as a street show performer, TV show partner and theatre dancer in the biggest of stages such as theatre "Pallas".

Icer, an active athlete and dance competitor has been taking part in many battles and dance competitions around the world, winning and topping most of them. 2nd place on BEAT, 2nd place on BOUNCE, 1st place on Check Da Skillz on 1vs1 all style battle. Notorious was the placement on the Balkans Battle of the year, where he got 2nd among all Balkan country competitors.

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