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Άντζελα Σκουτέρη | Δασκάλα Hip Hop | Σχολή Χορού Danzza Πετρούπολη
Angela Skouteri

Angela is a Hip Hop, Commercial and Heels specialist. She has attended numerous dance seminars around the globe, some of them being on London, Finland, Bulgaria and Italy, working with some of the best in the business. Anthony Lee, Kenzo Alvarez, Ysabelle Capitule, Alisa Tsitseronova, Οriana (Request Crew), Marcin Rebilas, Antoine Troupe, Les Twins, Mecnun Giasar, Kyle Hanagami, Brian Puspos, June Quemado are some among many.

Angela has also been a part of many Dance Camps developing her skills. NMDF Convention, In10nsive Master Camp, SAF Salonica,  Idance Summer Camp, The Flow Dance Camp in Italy are just some to be mentioned.  Key points on her career are the 1st place on Hip Hop International with "Power Strangers" Crew on 2013 and also 1st place with "Civil Lies" Mega Crew on 2014.

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