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"BLACKorWHITE" teaser

BLACKorWHITE" was a blast ppl. Huge thanx 2 you all for making it such a special day for all of us. In the end of the day, all it matters about memories, is making them..  Luv u all :)  

Your Danzza :)

PS : Photo samples from the event just arrived. Come by 2 pick your favs.

2k19 Flashback

Thank you for all those amazing memories. 2k19 was a blast people. Looking forward for the next one ahead.
Let's make it special.





Happy New Year 2020

Fresh HOPES, fresh PLANS, fresh EFFORTS, fresh FEELINGS, fresh COMMITMENT. Welcome 2020 with a fresh ATTITUDE. Happy New Year ppl. Danzza Crew wishes you the best 🍾🍾 !! 

"BlackOrWhite" Wintershow 2020

February 08, 2020

Place : Alkmini Theatre | Date : Sunday 9th of Feb | Time : 15:00 | Expect : Amazing dance shows inspired by the king MJ by our dancers. | Tickets will be available on Monday the 6th of Jan. SEATS WILL BE RESERVED UPON PURCHASE AND WE WILL HONOUR THE PURCHASE PRIORITY ORDER. // ATTENTION : LIMITED SEATS AVAILABLE DUE TO LIMITED SEAT CAPACITY. PLEASE BOOK ON TIME CAUSE WE EXPECT A FULL HOUSE.

Xmas holiday sched 2019

Our Xmas holiday sched for this season ppl. We'll be off on Tue the 24th and be coming back on Thursday the 2nd fresh. Keep an eye on lesson reschedules due to vac and get ready for the Xmas lesson on the 23rd. Santa on his way... 

XMAS Special lesson + AFTER PARTY

December 22, 2019

SPECIAL XMAS OPEN LESSON + AFTER PARTY | DATE : 23rd of DEC | TIME : 19:00 | LEVELS : ALL LEVELS | STYLES : ALL STYLES | PRICE : FREE 4 Danzza members ONLY | TEACHERS : @george_agathocleous @evi_champla @zeniafotopoulou | DURATION : 3 hrs | AFTER PARTY 2 BE ANNOUNCED // More 2 come ppl. Can’t wait for Xmas events. Built for that shit 🎄🎄

What da FUNK

November 21, 2019

DATE : 22nd of November
PLACE : @Calandra Cafe
TIME : 22:30

EXPECT : Funky mood, Latin Jazz beats, Lots of dance


PS. Save the date ppl, brush yr shoes..


​"PEACE" is a Summershow 2019 teaser. A huge thanx 2 all the dancers that made the show possible. It was and will always will be a moment in time. We love you all.. #danzza #danzzadancestudio

Fanis Phoenix welcome to the CREW

Fanis Phoenix is the new member of Danzza's teachers crew. Fanis is available for group and private lessons. DM the studio 4 details. Welcome on board man :)

We're back guess what..

Guess what.. we’re back again.. || Studio is open and ready 4 you to return or make ur registration if ur fresh in the business. We’ll be running and gunning from 11:00 round the clock till 23:00 // See you at the studio people. Missed ur smiling faces :) 

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