George Agathocleous

Latin specialist.
Αγαθοκλέους Γιώργος δάσκαλος Latin στη Danzza

George Agathocleous was born in Joannina, Greece. He moved in Athens at the age of 4. He was a natural dance talent, but.... he couldn't express it the right way !!! That was the motivation for him, that led him at a young age to a local dance school to learn greek folk dances !!


After learning and competing in the greek dances for a while, he was flattered by the beauty and the authenticity of the latin dances, in which he is now a specialist!


He started with his first partner, Georgia Karapiperi, competing in the Greek championships and being in the first places in his age at the time, and for the following years they were one of the most promising greek latin couples !!


At the age of eighteen years old, this succesful partnership with Georgia came to an end, and another one, even most succesful came along. George started his partnership with Eugenia Fotopoulou, his current partner. 

Together they started working at that time with Mitko Dimitrov, their coach, while they also started representing Greece in IDSF competitions along Europe.


They have travelled the whole Europe dancing several competitions and working with the most famous dance teachers in the whole world. We can see their results in competitions in Italy, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, England, Romania, taking place in the most famous competitions such as Blackpool, UK and International dance festivals.

They have worked and they are still working with the best teachers around the whole world, such as Tonya Kosovich, Jason Roditis, Ute Streicher, Franco Formica, Colin James, Allan Tornsberg, Hans Galke, Bianca Schreiber, Lene Mikkelsen and Julie Fryer !!


George, after working in many Dance Schools in Greece as a latin expert, he founded with his partner Eugenia, at the age of 21 Danzza Dance Studio in the central square of Petroupolis, in Athens. 

Danzza Dance Studio became right away a source of positive energy in the city, and the favorite place for the citizens of Petroupolis for their dancing!!


George spends most of his time (when he is not traveling) in Danzza Dance Studio, practicing and teaching, preparing the champions of tomorrow, while he continues his dancing career dancing around the world.


And the story goes on..