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Γιώργος Αγαθοκλέους | Δάσκαλος Latin & Life Coach | Σχολή Χορού Danzza Πετρούπολη
George Agathocleous

George is a Latin Dance Specialist, a Life Coach and Anxiety Mentor, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens certified. 

He spent his life dancing around the world, competing in some of the biggest and most respected competitions, such as the Blackpool Dance Festival, the UK open, the International Dance Festival, Pforzheim International Open, Brno Open, Cervia Open, Paris Open, Vienna Open and The London Ball among many others.

George has worked with some of the greatest names of the dance business, the likes of Tonya Kosovich, Jason Roditis, Ute Streicher, Franco Formica, Colin James, Allan Tornsberg, Hans Galke, Bianca Schreiber, Lene Mikkelsen, Julie Fryer, Slavik Kryklyvyy, Bryan Watson, Carmen Vincej, Victor Nikovski, Sergey Sourkov, Klaus Kongsdal, Oxana Lebedew, Dekatra Lapaeva, Ralf and Olga Muller.  

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