Maria Strati

Ballet & Contemporary Specialist
Maria Strati Danzza.jpg

Meet Maria Strati. Our newest addition to Danzza Crew. 

Starter dancing at a very young age, Maria was a natural. She studied ballet, contemporary dance and physical theatre. 

She graduated from dance school with A+ grade, and started teaching right away. She has had lessons and seminars with many teachers, including Synthia Fryda, Vasiliki Lionaki, Areti Palouki, Natassa Siouta, Alex Hatziaras, Hara Kotsali, Aliki Kazouri, Rania Fovou, Polina Kremasta, Vicky Vlassi, Iris Fousteri and Sofia Paschou. 

Maria is also a student in Physiotherapy besides her dancing studies.

She enjoys dancing, yoga, theatre and attending ballet shows is also one of her "things".

We couldn't be more proud to have Maria joining the crew. She is super talented, young and full of energy and willpower to help you evolve in all ways, mental and physical.