Elpida Labrou

Zumba Instructor
Ελπίδα Λάμπρου Zumba Instructor στη Danzza

Elpida Lambrou was born and grown in 1991 in Palaio Faliro. She studied Theatrology in th university of Athens, Greece and she is also a certified Zumba instructor for adults and kids as well as Zin instructor since 2012. She has started her dancing lessons since she was a kid and among others she had learned : Latin, Ballroom ,Oriental , Jazz, Musical and Contemporary. However Zumba teaching seemed to be her favourite and finally changed her life.

In nowadays she is continuing to enrich her knowledge in Zumba by taking seminars (Jam Sessions,Master Classes) with Greeks and foreigner instructors such as Mario Guiterez and Jenna Bostic. She had also taken places in many Zumba Venues and events as Zumbathon Charity and Dance Fitness Events as well as in video clips of famous Greek artists as Stavento and Locomondo.

She joined the Danzza Crew at 2015 and since then she is the main Zumba instructor of the club. She gives Zumba classes for grown-ups but she's a Zumba kid specialist as well !


Among others, she is also working as theatrical game teacher,actor and director in many theatrical teams and movies while she had been a radio producer for 6 years. You can find her on YouTube at her "2girls1map" channel, and if you wish to Zumba with her, visit us and join one of her classes !