Children's groups

Let's help them build a great future..

We were all children one day. That's why we love children so much ! Children's groups in Danzza Dance Studio are the part of our business we care the most. We care for each child individually, cause each one has different needs and skills, and we have created a courses plan to make sure dancing will be completing your children's life as a creative hobby, a competitive sport or why not, a profitable profession ! Danzza's curriculum for children is divided in three sections.

At first all children have to take a general dance education program. They will learn and practice Latin, Hip Hop, Tango Argentino, Oriental, Modern and Greek Folk dances as well. This way they will be provided with the necessary skills to dance whatever they wish when they become adults. It's a two hour per week lessons plan which can be combined upon the parents will with one or two hours of fitness groups, such as Zumba Kids or Yoga kids. This way we complete a full educating and entertaining week schedule for your children, leading them to their first goal. To love dancing and to be able to dance everything they wish. 

After we achieve that, we decide all together, the child, the parents and the children themselves which kind of dance suits them the best, and we stick to that ! We become better and better and we develop your children's skills beyond the average, giving them the ability to truly express themselves through dancing, creating art and not only expressing, but creating emotions as well.

The third and final stage, again something we discuss and decide as a team. Us, you as parents and the children. A kid can continue dancing as a hobby, learning more about his

passion and using it in social events, while another can choose to be an athlete and participate in dance competitions. Dance can be a very demanding sport, and why not, your children can benefit from that spiritually, physically and mentally as well ! Athleticism is a way of living !


The final alternative for your child, beyond dancing socially or competitively, is to choose dancing as a profession. In that case, we make sure that your children will have the best education a kid can have, and we will make sure that we will develop the right mental and physical skills needed for your child to have a successful career as a dancer and a dance teacher. 

Coming to an end, we would like to mention at this point that the diploma your child will get, if a professional dancing career is to be chosen, is the only certified diploma in the world, the IDTA.

During this wonderful journey, we will have a lot of showcases, seminars and parties, where you can choose to participate and create some memories for a lifetime.