Andreas Labropoulos

Hip Hop teacher
Ανδρέας Λαμπρόπουλος hip hop δάσκαλος στη Danzza

Andreas Lampropoulos was born in 23rd of October 1994 in Piraeus. He liked dancing since a very young age and he decided to start learning hip-hop and later latin dances in high school but soon chose hip-hop as his favorite and only style of dancing.


During his learning ages he had lessons from great teachers in the greek hip-hop dancing scene while he participated in several seminars and competitions.


In 2014 he acquired his IDTA freestyle degree with exceptional grade (94/100). Meanwhile he attended the Kapodistrian University of Athens, department of Biology from where he graduated and has a degree.  Currently he is a part of a hip-hop dancing crew named "A Move Called Mess" producing dance videos in YouTube. Feel free to check them out !


After searching for a studio that would provide him the freedom to teach and produce as well a studio with lots of love for the art called dance, he found the Danzza Dance Studio in which he is currently giving lessons.


He is waiting for you to share his passion for dancing and teach you his little dance secrets ! just visit us and have a chat with him and you'll soon find another reason for you to dance !