Alkis Kotsas

Latin & Ballroom teacher
Alkis Kotsas | Latin teacher at Danzza

Alkis Kotsas was born on 27 of March in 1990. In his environment nobody before has been occupied with the art until Alkis made his start at the age of 20 starting to dance-specially Latin dance, as an amateur.


After that he met his fellow in the University of Athens Stella Sani who she was a dance student as well and they started dancing together.

Not long after that, they decided to get into it more professionally and their athletic career began dancing one dance and 3 dance categories at first until nowadays they are in the 5 dance category dancers taking part in Greek and foreigner competitions with quite a success to be said.


Meanwhile  he  finished  his  studies in IDTA taking his degree and today he is a member of the administrative council of IDTA in Greece. Alkis is a member of the Danzza crew since 2015, and he can't wait to share the dance secrets with you. Just give us a call and ask us for an appointment with Alkis, and get to plan your dancing future together !