Party Time !!!


It's worldwide known that we Greek people just love to party !!! 

In Danzza Dance Studio we also do.. We don't party because we have to, but because we love to. But, there is more behind just a dance party. Our party have also an educational character beyond the entertaining one.

From the moment a student becomes member of our dance studio, he or she starts feeling comfortable from the very first minute. In just a few weeks Danzza Dance Studio is like a home for you. 

You feel free to dance. You become familiar with your teachers and the other students who attend the same classes as you. As a result, you feel free to express yourself and dance, without any sense of being ashamed !

That changes when you dance out of the dance school and in front of audience that you are not familiar with. This is where our Parties take charge, to help you familiarize with extraneous factors, such as different people or place around you. 

So... first of all we change the audience ! In Danzza Dance Studio parties you are asked to perform in front of people from other classes that you may see for the first time. Friends of our students are being invited also! So, the audience is collated from students and other general friends and dance lovers !! 

And... we also change the place !!! Our parties take place in different clubs, halls or cafes each time... As a result, another factor is modified as well. You now dance in front of different audience, and different place than the ones you are used to !

All these, provide you the comfort and self confidence you need to be able to dance anywhere, when you want to !!!

But... these are all excuses... In fact, the main reason and motive that makes us party, is because we have a great time !!! We dance, talk, know each other better and generally leave our dance signature whenever we go !!!

Parties are being arranged in agreement with you !!! Together we pick up the dates, we choose the place, and we make the best latin partied Athens has ever seen !!!!

Keep in touch, because new dates for our next party are being published in the news section...

Just be there !!! 

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Party Time !!!
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