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If you feel like making the big step in your life, and get married, then of course you want everything to be perfect. WE understand.. At that night, the lights will be on you.. You will have the best wedding dress and groom's suit. The best flowers, the best photographer and hairdresser. What you will need for sure, is a wedding choreography..

Lot's of people will attend your marriage just for you, and you really need to dance for them. And you got' a be good, fabulous, astonishing! You have to, because you really want to.

And... it is our job to make it happen !!!

We have great experience in preparing couples for their wedding dance performance. It doesn't matter if you have never danced before. If you feel like it's too much for you to perform in front of so many people. Together we can make it happen !!

The ideal period of time that you should start taking lessons for your best preparation is six months before the date of your wedding. But, this is not a law !!! Because, as origin Greek people we rush at the very last moment to make things happen, we have produced great results with couples that only had lessons for a week or two !!!! 

The wedding program includes your choreography and performance for the ''first'' show of the wedding, and also learning the Greek traditional folk dances that you will need for sure when that night takes fire !!! These more often include Zeibekiko, Hasapiko, Nisiotiko Syrto, Ikariwtiko, Kalamatiano, Tsamiko and Hasaposerviko

For your ''dance show'', we make a meeting with you as a couple, and we have a discussion on the dance that you will choose to dance, the song and the ''style'' you want to focus on your performance. You can suggest any song and we can make the right choreography for you to perform on it, but, if you haven't decided yet, we also have tons of suggestions. 

So... you don't need to wait..... The sooner you start preparing for your wedding's dance performance, the more fabulous this will finally be!! 

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