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Konstantinos Eleftheriadis was born at the 24th of December of 1988, in Mannheim, Germany. He started dancing and dealing generally with music activities from a very young age. 

At the age of 12 he started for the first time occupying with hip hop, in the Crea Dance school in  Germany. 

He has attended seminars and dance lessons in Germany and the U.S, studying mainly hip hop new style, Popping, Locking, House, Krumping, Jazz and contemporary dance, and cooperating with important choreographers and dance teachers such as Kenny Wormald and Nick Bass.

In 2004 he settled in Greece for good, witch is his home country and started teaching hip hop at the city of Veroia, where he lived at the time.

But, the real boost in his career, came up in 2008 where he took place in the dance compettion ''So you think you can dance'', transmited by Mega TV, and became a big hit! Konstantinos made it to the top 8, which was a real success !!

Danzza Dance Studio located Konstantinos as a major talent, and as always, Danzza Dance Studio only makes business with the best! 

Danzza Dance Studio and Konstantinos started a very successful cooperation, witch is still active and has brought great results in the hip hop community of Petroupolis!!!

Konstantinos and his students founded the first hip hop group of Petroupolis, known as ''Danceformers'' ! Danceformers are composed from very talented young hip hop dancers, and participate in Greek national hip hop championships with great success !!

Konstantinos also founded another hip hop group, in which he himself is a part, known as ''Ladies n' Gents''. To make the group he chose two of the many talented dancers of Danzza Dance Studio, and invited them to be members of the group ! 

Together, they made it to the top! They danced the major hip hop dance festival of Greece, ''Hip hop international'', and the made it to the 2nd place !!! Not bad for a new group composed by mainly by our students !!!

Konstantinos continues working hard in Danzza Dance Studio, and is ready to welcome new talented students to work with. And, who knows, you might be the next member of his professional dance group....

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