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Anjelina Aresti | Fitness instructor | danzza.gr

Aresti Anjelina was born in Athens the 29th of November 1988.As she emanates from trainer family she dealt with artistic gymnastics from the age of 4 and for the following 6 years.

At the age of 13teen she dealt with ballet and jazz until she graduated school and went to the city of Trikala for studies in the T.E.F.A.A. - Department of Physical Education and Sport Science in the University of Thessaly. Having specialty exercise in gyms and organization administration of sports she masters exercise with weights, pilates, yoga, aerobic and personal training. She also dealt dealt with hip hop dance for a year  in Trikala.

After she finished her studies she returned  in Athens and became a member of Danzza dance studio ,as dance was always her passion.

She has attended several seminars on her subject. She has participated in the 8th Pan Hellenic-second International Day of general fitness with Tefaa.She holds the diploma ‘Physio Pilates’ by the German school Gymnastika.Her education continuing by attending seminars and training camps !

At the moment as a teacher – member of Danzza dance studio she teaches Pilates in our school, helping you learn your body and train physically as well !!!

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