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Antonia Pouli - Hip Hop teacher - Petroupolis - Danzza

Antonia was born at the 8th of November in Athens. She started her dancing career at the age of 12.

At the age of 15 she chose Danzza Dance Studio to continue her studies and develop in the field of hip hop dancing which was her passion from the beginning.

She was a natural, so she drew the attention from day one !!! Her development was extremely fast, and in just months she became a member of the 'Danceformers', the competitive hip hop group of Danzza Dance Studio !

And... guess what, she was already a Danceformers protagonist ! Being a member of the dance crew, she participated in many hip hop competitions, and she also attended hip hop battles such the international peputated Juste Debout !

Her career is exploding the moment you read this article, and spreading as well, as she adopted a new role, as a teacher in Danzza Dance Studio ! As a result, she is already at your services, in order to teach you the secrets of hip hop, locking, popping and house dance, using her sharp knowledge combined with her irresistible smile !!!

Just book a lesson with her, and see for yourself !!!

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