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Danzza dance studio lays in the central square of Petroupolis, Athens. It is very accessible from all Athens districts, very close to Peristeri, Ilion and Aigaleo. It is hosted in a very modern building, and it is designed from scratch to be the perfect place for you make your dancing dreams come true !

Sxoli xorou danzza full view


Danzza dance studio, the place


Our first priority was to build a classy, friendly and warm environment for you to work with, because after all, this is the only way dance can be done !!






Necessery presupposition in order to provide high quality dancing services, is to preserve high quality equipment, and this is something we know pretty well in Danzza Dance Studio. This is why we equipped our studio with the best of the best.  Super high quality floor especially manufactured for dancing coveres the whole studio, making dancing in the dance hall an amazing experience. An also specially designed substrate supports the floor, providing almost zero encumbrance from vibration to our body and knees, contraballancing the power that our bodyweight drills to the floor ! 

Sxoli xorou danzza, the office
This way we make sure that in Danzza Dance Studio, you can work your body and dance, without damaging your muscular and skeletal system at all !!
All these, combined with super performance proffesional sound system that supports the studio, make the fully air conditioned dance hall, the place you will love to dance !!

Our Bar...

Sxoles xorou danzza, the bar

Dancing doesn't of course mean just learning !!! We know that for sure in Danzza Dance Studio ! And.. this is why we created one of the most warm 'corners' of our dance scholl, our own, little bar !!This is where we enjoy most to drink our coffe in the morning and our drinks at night ! We know each other better, have fun, talk and we strenghten our relationships, make the Danzza Dance Studio family more 'together' !!!


Our relaxing area...

Sxoli xorou danzza, relaxing area

We know that dancing for most people is a very good way to relax ! This is why we created the best place for you to chill between sessions, to chat and make friends and even have a smoke if you still haven't quited !!! 
Coffe, juices and drinks are free and provided by our bar for you to enjoy and make your dancing experience unforgettable !

After all, it's all about knowledge...

Danzza dance studio, vintage bookcase

We provide the best services in the city of Athens and we know it. The combination of the know-how with experience makes Danzza Dance Studio the best way to learn how to dance, work yourselves out, chill, make friends and change your whole life ! What are you waiting for ? Join us !!!!
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