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I have never danced before in my life...

Well, this is why we are here for !!! The only thing we need from you is will. We are responsible for all the rest! We guarantee that following our instructions, you can achieve a very high level of dancing within a very short time. You don't have to worry about your dancing progress, we do!!! 


Do i have to be super fit to be able to dance ? 

This is a big fairy tail !!! NO you don't. In fact, the opposite is most likely to happen!! You will achieve perfect form and fitness through  dancing. In Danzza Dance Studio we follow a simple rule. We have a denominator witch signs all our activities. We learn how to dance and,   as a result we exercise, we have fun, we communicate and generally, we are having as a team a great time... The important issue is that, all that are coming as a result of learning how to dance ! It's a part of the process ! So.. you don't really have to worry about your fitness or focus in training your body ( which is, believe me, verryyyyyy boring). It will just come as a result !!!


Do I have to be a millionare to be able to learn dancing ?

Well, we do know dancing for good, and, believe me, we are everything but millionares !!! Dancing is mostly a form of art, and we love to share !! We also believe as Danzza Dance Studio that the greatest advertisement is our students, who most of the times, dance even better than a common greek dance teacher !! We love to teach, and, believe me, we do it mostly because we like it, and secondly to earn our living. Our policy is to keep our prices at a level that everybody can afford dance lessons with us!! Just ask us and you will be surprised positively after learning the cost of our programs !!!


Do I have to sign a contract or something ?

NO. Of course not. We are in dancing business for many many years, and we have a lot of things to be happy, but a lot of things to be very sad about dancing business in Greece. We know that a lot of dance schools SELL dancing. WELL, DANCING CAN ONLY BE TEACHED, NOT SELLED !!! It is frustrating that people are lead to sign contracts with big amount of money included, to learn how to dance. Contracts is something we HATE. DANCING IS FREEDOM WHEN A CONTRACT IS PRISON. In Danzza Dance Studio we never deal with our students this way. You can pay us every month, and you have the freedom to make a break whenever you want. We advice you NOT to sign contracts generally, even if you choose to join another dance school. We leave contracts to mobile phone companies...


Can I learn just one form of dance ?

Of course. You will describe us your will, and we will advice you to join the dance group that really fits best on you ! It can be focused on just one form of dancing or more !


What kind of lessons are available ?

You can learn dancing in three ways :

  1. Group lessons

  2. Private lessons

  3. A combination of the fist two ways!!

This is your choice ! We will discuss your needs, which include the form or the forms of dancing you want to learn, the amount of the time you want to spend during the week in dancing and we will decide together what fits best on you !! We guarantee that each one of the three ways of learning as effective as the other one ! It depends on your needs to find what is best for you as a dancer. And, don't forget that because your dancing needs as your spare time change from time to time, you can always switch between programs in order to fit your daily schedule the best !!!!


What is the right age for my kids to start dancing ?

The average age for a young child to start dancing is approximately 5 years old and over. Before that age the kid hasn't yet completed developing the natural kinetic mechanism of moving and expressing naturally with his or her own body. It is a big responsibility and to be honest a real danger to interfere in the natural procedure of the kids kinetic development and try to teach new movements. This is our opinion and Danzza Dance Studio's policy for our young talents. Of course, we can't say that a kid 4 years and 300 days old is immature and at the moment that he or she becomes 5 has the required maturity to start dance lessons. This is why we believe that each child should be treated specially. So, the best is to encourage your children to come to Danzza Dance Studio, and then we can together have a conversation about which would be the right age for your kids to join our dancing community. Each child is unique for Danzza Dance Studio, as it should be !    


Can I be a pro ?

Of course !! Being a dance teacher requires many qualifications. The good news is that Danzza Dance Studio provides all of them !!! Choosing and attending one of our professional programs, you can begin your new career as a dance teaches pretty soon ! Being a dance teacher is the right profession for people who love dance, music and giving at the same time !! You can start from tomorrow ! Danzza Dance Studio will give you the right knowledge to get your diploma, and has the right links to provide you a job instantly after that !!  



Can I be a dance athlete ?

For us, dancing is not only a form of expression, as an art form. It is also a sport as well. In Danzza Dance Studio, all teachers are also dance athletes as well, having great success in Greece, but most remarkably in European and World championships. This is why we are specialists in training new couples, if it is about latin and ballroom competitions, or solo dancers if we talk about hip hop and oriental championships. We have the knowledge, and we provide our dance hall for you to practice for free !!! You just need to have the appetite and the will !!!        


Can I start dancing in the middle of the season ?

Definitely YES ! Danzza Dance Studio creates groups for beginners through the whole season for you to join. Whatever the month of the year, you can start learning dance in our studio. So, the right period for you to start dancing, is..... every period !!!!!


Do I have to buy special clothes of shoes in order to start ?

When you dance,  you can wear whatever makes you feel comfortable ! Through the lessons, you will define yourself if this will be a pair of trousers, a skirt, a sports form, or even your jeans !!! When it comes to the shoes, at the beginning you can choose the pair that makes you dance easier. After a few months, you will be adviced to own a pair of dancing shoes, especially built for the form of dance you will choose. This will make your development faster and more accurate, and, why not, boost your confidence on the floor. Dancing shoes can be found in a lot of brands and prices, so it will be very easy for you to choose what fits best for your taste and wallet !!! 


We understand that after reading this article you may still have questions to make. We really enjoy solving your queries as much as we enjoy teaching. So, don't hesitate to call us or, even better visit Danzza Dance Studio and then we can have a conversation about every question you may have! Together, we will plan your dancing future !!!!!

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